Welcome To The Lough Mask Villa!

Our home is called Lough Mask Villa, and is available for vacation/holiday rental year 'round, on a weekly or longer basis.

Lough Mask Villa was built by a German family in 1996 for their summers in Ireland, and their recreation interests.

The house is fitted to the highest European standards, with state-of-the-art bathroom and shower facilities, and an excellent, modern kitchen.

In 2011, an American couple, Marybeth and Stephen Phillips, purchased this home with its four acres.

Because of her long family roots in Ireland, Marybeth holds dual citizenship of both Ireland and the U.S.

Several of Marybeth's family members have remained on their family's farmland, and have continued to farm it from their own lakefront shore of Lough Mask, as they have done since the last Ice Age!

The Phillips began an extraordinary landscape architecture plan upon purchasing this home, in an effort to better enjoy the gorgeous wildlife, waterfowl, mountains and lake vistas from their terra cotta-tiled sunroom/conservatory.

At present, these four acres have two limestone patios outdoors with barbecue equipment, a winding, natural path to the pier, several stone groupings which form a mini-Stonehenge, and a peninsula/island jutting out from the land, for your seating and viewing amidst the lake itself.

Although protected species of flora and fauna have remained, non-native species have been cleared for panoramic views of the lake and all mountain ranges.

In addition, three acres are colorful wildflower meadows, and one acre is green grass.